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School Supplies List

We have enlisted the assistance TeacherLists to create an electronic and accessible version of the school supply lists for the 2020-2021 school year.

For clarification: parents will be able to select in-person or remote (virtual) learning during the online student registration process. If a parent chooses remote learning, they will be responsible for providing the internet and a laptop/tablet. Those items are listed on the school supply lists as well as items for those that will be attending in-person instruction.

Access the link below to view the school supply lists for the following campuses:

Abraham Lincoln Middle School

DeQueen Elementary School

Lakeview Elementary School

Memorial 9th Grade Academy

Port Acres Elementary School

Sam Houston Elementary School

Adams Elementary School

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Travis Elementary School

Tyrrell Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

Woodrow Wilson Early College High School

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